Urban Assault Vehicle or Foo Foo Pretty Wannabe SUV?

It is amazing the different styles of SUVs that you can buy. You can buy sport utility vehicles made by Porsche and BMW, or even Range Rover with incredible power, handling, and they drive more like sports cars than SUVs. Or you can buy a suburban and put on heavy duty grills, big tires, and you’re well on your way to having the neighborhood urban assault vehicle. It’s all in what you are looking for, but those companies that make SUVs make a pretty decent killing, and good profit on these vehicles.In mid-2013 there was a notable increase in the number of light trucks being sold in United States. This is generally because construction is up, and the economy was doing better so small businesses were starting to buy again – likewise, when people buy new homes, they often by new pickup trucks to help them carry materials for landscaping, or do-it-yourself home upgrades. Still, the major carmakers would rather sell you an SUV than a truck as they get more money for them, and as long as you’re building the chassis why put a truck bed on the frame and compete on price?Interestingly enough before the 2000 Dot Com and stock market crash most of the car manufacturers wanted to halt making the larger pickup trucks such as the three-quarter tons and one tons because they’d rather put on a Suburban body or an Excursion body. Those vehicles they could sell for $40-$60,000 with all of the upgrades such as leather seats, GPS, and other gadgets. If they just put a 1 ton truck on that chassis chances are that a business buyer or a company would make a deal with the fleet manager of the dealerships, there wasn’t much profit in those deals.Today, the same thing holds true, but there is more competition in the SUV market with so many styles and shapes to choose from. The Japanese, South Koreans, Germans, and everyone else wants to sell you an SUV, but now with fuel prices a little higher not everyone is in the market for such a vehicle, but with strong auto sales, there are enough new buyers, and enough really great financing programs with low interest rates and convenient terms that they are selling a bundle.Yes, it’s true that repossessions are also up, and some of those vehicles are coming back, but remember if they have onboard OnStar, or a sophisticated GPS, the deadbeat buyers who renege on their promised payments are not getting away from the repo man anyway. Which means the consumer can now buy a vehicle with under 10,000 miles on it, one that’s been repossessed and get it for a song, or they can get a brand-new vehicle with incredible financing terms. Yes, they still have to put the gas in it, and it will be cheap, but the car makers are sure selling a ton of them. Please consider all this and think on it.